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Teeth Veneers

An image of a hand holding teeth veneers in Eugene OregonYour teeth have several important functions. They help you to eat, allowing you to bite and chew your food. They control the flow of air when you speak. Your teeth also give you a full, confident smile. Imperfections in your teeth, no matter how small, can diminish your smile, and impact your confidence. At College Hill Dental, can help to restore your teeth with veneers.

What Veneers Are

Even tiny imperfections in your teeth can have a huge impact on the quality of your smile. Veneers are a cosmetic solution to these imperfections. They are thin, resembling shells in appearance, and cover the front areas of visible teeth. Once I place, they restore the beauty of your smile.

What are Veneers Made From?

Veneers can be made from either composite resin or porcelain. Both materials blend in with your natural teeth. At College Hill Dental, however, we provide porcelain veneers. This is because porcelain is stronger than composite resin, which is more likely to chip or fracture. Porcelain also mimics the light reflecting properties of natural enamel, helping it to blend in better with the rest of your smile.

Veneer Procedure

Veneers require two visits. At your first visit, your affected teeth are prepared. This means that a small amount of enamel needs to be removed from the fronts of your teeth. This process is necessary for your veneers to fit naturally in with the rest of your smile. Less enamel is removed than for dental crowns. Once we have finished preparing your teeth, we then take impressions. The impressions are sent to our lab, where the veneers are designed and fabricated.

It can take upwards of two weeks for your veneers to be sent back. During this time, you may or may not be provided temporary veneers (they are not always necessary). Once they are ready, we will cement them in place. This process involves the use of a lightly acidic gel, which creates a rough texture of the surface of your teeth. The texture allows for a better bond between your veneers and your teeth. The gel is washed off, and your teeth dried. Your veneers are then cemented into place.

Care for Your Veneers

Taking care of your veneers is no different from taking care of the rest of your teeth. They still need to be brushed twice a day and flossed at least once daily. Porcelain may not experience decay, but the material can still collect plaque and bacteria. If you ignore your oral care routine, this collection can lead to issues such as gum disease and tooth decay around your veneers on the exposed enamel.

Along with your at home care routine, regular dental visits are essential. During these visits, we will clean your teeth, and your veneers, thoroughly, eliminating any buildup. We will also examine your teeth and your veneers for signs of damage. By spotting damage early, whether it’s in your natural tooth or your veneers, we can take action to prevent it from getting worse.

Other tips to keep in mind are that you should not bite down on anything too hard, such as ice or popcorn kernels. You should avoid biting your fingernails or chewing on pens. You should also avoid using your teeth to open packaging or remove tags.

Even the smallest imperfections in your teeth can greatly impact your smile. Call College Hill Dental today to find out if veneers are right for you.
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