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How Chemotherapy Can Affect Your Oral Health

Posted on 7/10/2018 by College Hill Dental
How Chemotherapy Can Affect Your Oral HealthChemotherapy is the main drug that's used to treat cancer today. Although chemotherapy is beneficial for cancer patients because it kills cancer cells, it does have side effects that could affect your mouth. This is because the drug will sometimes kill other cells too – including those in your mouth.

How Chemotherapy Affects Your Mouth

While chemotherapy is beneficial, it can also cause problems with the healthy cells in your mouth. This can result in problems with your teeth, gums, and the glands that produce saliva. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be serious in that they'll make it hard for you to talk, eat, and swallow.

Chemotherapy makes it more likely for you to develop an infection. This is dangerous in that it could prevent you from keeping up with your cancer treatment. Your doctor may choose to delay your treatment or even stop it for a while.

In your mouth you can experience any number of different problems. What you experience may also be different from what someone else experiences because these are based on the drugs you're receiving and how your body reacts to them. Typically, these problems only exist during treatment, but they may also persist for a short time after stopping treatment as well.

What you Should do About Chemotherapy's Affects

When you plan on starting chemotherapy, make sure you schedule a visit with our office two weeks beforehand. We'll do a complete exam in which we'll check your teeth, take x-rays, and fix any problems you already have.

This will help you prevent any serious issues or side effects because your mouth will be healthy prior to you starting chemotherapy. Of course, it's important to understand that you can't avoid all problems, but the healthier your mouth is, the fewer side effects you'll have. With this in mind, make sure you contact us today.
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