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First Signs of a Cavity You Should Be Aware Of

Posted on 8/20/2018 by College Hill Dental
First Signs of a Cavity You Should Be Aware OfWe all know that a cavity requires a filling for treatment, but how exactly do you know if you have a cavity?

Other than the dentist telling you at your cleaning, are there ways that you might be able to tell on your own? Actually, there are several signs that you might be dealing with a cavity.

Tooth Pain

The most obvious sign of a cavity is persistent tooth pain. This pain may be especially prominent after the affected tooth comes into contact with something – food, a fork, the other teeth, etc. You might feel pain in the tooth directly or beneath the gums. Additionally, tooth pain may be especially bad when you chew.

A Bad Taste in Your Mouth

A cavity means that your tooth is infected with bacteria. Bacteria often cause odors and bad breath, but they may also leave a foul taste in your mouth. However, these issues may also indicate gum disease rather than a cavity, but either way you should be sure to follow up with your dentist.

Dark Spots on the Teeth

In some cases, you might not experience pain, but notice a difference in the appearance of your teeth. Some cavities look like dark spots or stains on the surface. If the spot seems sticky, you should be especially concerned, as this is most likely a growing cavity.

Increased Sensitivity

If you've never experienced tooth sensitivity in the past, but suddenly cringe due to hot or cold temperatures, you might have a new cavity. Extreme sensitivity to cold or hot foods and liquids may make drinking or eating painful, and it could signal the cavity is reaching closer to the nerve.

At the first sign of a cavity, be sure to visit with your dentist. We can treat your cavity quickly before it has a chance to do any additional damage. Call us today to set up your appointment.
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