Teeth Whitening – Eugene, OR

Remove Pigmented Dental Stains, Preserve Your Healthy Smile

If you’ve recently looked at your smile and noticed that your teeth are more yellow than white, then it’s time to talk to our team at College Hill Dental about professional teeth whitening! With our in-office treatments and at-home kits, we can safely remove pigmented stains while preserving the health of your teeth and gums, leaving you with a smile that’s as beautiful as it is healthy. If you are interested in learning more about this popular cosmetic dental treatment, schedule a consultation with us or read on.

Why Choose College Hill Dental for Teeth Whitening?

  • Caring Dentist with 20+ Years of Experience
  • Top-Rated Dental Team
  • Flexible Financing Available with CareCredit

Who Is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening can remove years of staining and the appearance of wear from your teeth. So, if your teeth have discolored due to exposure to stain-causing foods and drinks, such as coffee, tea, wine, soda, soy sauces, tomato sauces, and berries, you may be a candidate for teeth whitening! After all, our in-office and take-home treatments are designed to remove surface stains, restoring the look of your smile and your confidence in the process.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Dr. Ivan Paskalev and our team at College Hill Dental offer two different professional teeth whitening options: in-practice and take-home. To learn about the details of each, give our team a call or read on!

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

If you opt for the at-home professional whitening solution, we will craft some custom trays for you to take with you and give you some whitening solutions that you will wear for a designated amount of time every day. This way, you get to determine how white your teeth get. With professional teeth whitening, we can give you exactly the amount of whitening you desire!

In-Office Teeth Whitening

For the in-practice whitening, the procedure is quick, simple, and produces stellar results. We sit you down and prepare your mouth by placing some protective barriers over soft tissues. We will apply a whitening solution containing hydrogen peroxide to your teeth and will set up a special light that we shine on your teeth for roughly 15 minutes. This process is repeated three times depending on how much you would like to whiten your teeth.

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

Woman smiling while brushing her teeth

Make no mistake, stubborn stains can resurface quickly if you don’t care for your smile. That’s why we strongly recommend:

  • Brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash consistently.
  • Getting a dental checkup and cleaning twice a year.
  • Avoiding smoking and other unhealthy dental habits.
  • Using a straw when drinking coffee, wine, soda, and the like.
  • Eating light-colored foods, like plain yogurt.
  • Visiting us for touch-up treatments as needed.

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening

Woman smiling after cost of teeth whitening in Eugene

The cost of teeth whitening may be a concern as you think about ways to enhance your smile, but you may not realize just how affordable it can be! At College Hill Dental, we strive to help our patients feel confident and comfortable in their pursuit of a whiter, brighter smile, and part of this is helping ensure an accessible and budget-friendly way to help smiles shine. Learn more about what you can expect when it comes to the cost of your treatment and how we can help.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Teeth Whitening

When it comes to establishing a definitive cost for your teeth whitening, you can expect that we will consider the following:

  • The cause of your tooth discoloration, as this will help to better understand how they formed and ways to minimize the risk in the future
  • The severity of your stains, as this can lead to additional treatments
  • The location of the stains – are they on the surface or below your tooth enamel?
  • Do you need additional treatments such as gum disease therapy to address other oral health problems?

Types of Teeth Whitening: What Do They Cost?

Not all teeth whitening treatment options are the same, especially when it comes to cost. This is why you can expect there to be varying price tags based on the version you receive. It’s important to remember though that your teeth whitening will be different than someone else’s, so the following are just averages:

  • In-Office: On average, $400-$500 is what a person might spend for in-office treatment. If the stains are severe, it may cost substantially more.
  • At-Home: If a person opts to whiten their teeth at home, the average cost will run between $200-$300.
  • Store-Bought Trays: These store-bought varieties might run a person around $100 if they want to avoid professional help.
  • Whitening Strips, Gels: As the cheapest method of teeth whitening treatment, a person may only spend around $20-$30 for these products.

Fast Teeth Whitening VS Inexpensive Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to save money; however, when it comes to your smile, you don’t necessarily want to skimp on quality. Professional teeth whitening allows for a fast and effective way to enhance your smile, but it does come at a cost. Anything that requires the oversight of a professional cosmetic dentist will likely cost more than anything you’ll find at your local drugstore.

While it may be tempting to try whitening strips or gels, you’re unlikely to be happy with the results because of the lower-quality materials and bleaching agents that are used. Often watered down, patients are left spending more money to try and achieve a whiter smile. This can lead to greater tooth sensitivity and hard-earned dollars wasted.

Options for Making Teeth Whitening Affordable

Dental insurance may not cover the cost of teeth whitening, but at College Hill Dental, we are pleased to make this service more affordable by offering an in-house dental membership plan. By paying one low fee annually, you can access preventive care as well as discounts on available treatments offered in our office.

There is also the option to apply for CareCredit Financing. This great alternative is ideal for anyone who is pursuing a type of treatment not covered by insurance, especially since you can apply for a low-to-no-interest payment plan.

Teeth Whitening FAQs

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Do you still want to learn more about professional teeth whitening in Eugene? You’re in the right place! Below, we’re answering FAQs – from whether the brightening gels hurt to why professional treatments are superior to OTC options. As always, you can also give us a call if you have a specific question on your mind or are ready to schedule a consultation.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

You may have heard from friends and family who have whitened their teeth in the past that it hurts. However, this is typically only the case when teeth are over-whitened. For example, if you use a store-bought whitening kit for two hours when the instructions say 30 minutes, you’ll definitely feel some uncomfortable sensitivity! That’s actually one of the benefits of professional teeth whitening; our highly experienced dentist, Dr. Paskalev, supervises your entire treatment. So, you’ll get the beautiful results you desire without any unwanted side effects.

What’s the Difference Between Professional and Store-Bought Teeth Whitening?

There is a long list of differences between professional and store-bought teeth whitening. Here, we’re going to cover some of the most note-worthy ones, starting with the fact that OTC kits sit on the shelf for months at a time, and whitening gels become less effective with time. Furthermore, OTC kits don’t take important information into account, like if you have existing dental work or a serious oral health concern, like tooth decay. Lastly, the kits you’ll find at your local grocery store or pharmacy use one-size-fits-all applicators and diluted whitening gels, which can lighten your teeth by a shade or two at most. For all of these reasons, it’s worth investing in professional teeth whitening treatments over store-bought products.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Take?

That depends on a few important factors. To start, are you choosing an in-office or take-home whitening treatment? While the former can deliver noticeable results in as little as one hour, the latter typically takes two weeks. It’s also important to consider the color of your teeth starting out. If you’re struggling with severe stains, then it may take more than one round of whitening treatment to achieve your desired shade. Don’t worry – we can provide you with an estimate of the timeline while creating your custom treatment plan!

Is Teeth Whitening Permanent?

Sadly, the answer is “no.” The good news is that the results can last for several years with proper care! That’s why it’s so important that you implement the above tips for maintaining your brighter smile, including brushing consistently, getting a dental checkup and cleaning every six months, and using a straw when drinking dark-colored beverages, like coffee and soda.